The Uber Files

A new leak of records reveal the inside story of Uber. The Uber Files were obtained by The Guardian and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, and 42 other media partners. More than 124,000 confidential documents spanning a five-year period when Uber was run by its co-founder Travis Kalanick, trying to force the cab-hailing service into cities around the world, with operations across 40 countries.

In truth, nothing that we did not already know or we could “educately” guess . I have used Uber as a child poster of innovation when you are attacking and trying to disrupt an entrenched economic sector (red ocean), in this case with deep links with administrations and nation states.

The records notwithstanding, include details of private exchanges and get-togethers with politicians all over the world.

They detail how Uber also recruited a battalion of former public officials, including many former aides to President Barack Obama. Records show that Uber executives met with France’s Macron, then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, then-Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny and then-Estonia President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, among other world leaders.

And this is what will be now under scrutiny… A pyramid of shit.


Featured Image: Rocco Fazzari / ICIJ

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