OECD Better Life Index

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  • Having a job is an essential element of well-being. Good jobs provide earnings, but also shape personal identity and opportunities for social relationships.
  • South Africans and Koreans spend the longest time in daily commutes to and from work, while the Irish, Danish and Swedish have the shortest commutes. Transport time is a key element in work-life balance,
  • People in New Zealand and Portugal are among the most social of all nationalities surveyed, France and Hungary report the lowest levels of social interaction. While social connections obviously make people happy, those with extensive and supportive networks also tend to be in better health, live longer and are more likely to be employed.
  • Very few Finns, Swedes and Danes complain about the green space in their countries, while more than one in three  is unsatisfied with the access to green space in Italy and Turkey.
  • Norwegians, Finns and Danes are the most politically active. Civic engagement allows people to contribute to how their societies function.

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