Public activity and collaborations

A non exhaustive sample of presentations, public speaking, and writing resulting from many collaboration projects with industry and academia, both in Spanish and English. You will find more presentations here.

Industria 4.0 ¡Hagámoslo aquí!

Platforms, where the digital economy stands up, Master EIT-UPM, Madrid, June 2, 2016:

Presentación del Master Industria 4.0, PEAKS-FOM, Valencia, 22 Junio 2016:

What kind of problem a city is?, Telefonica I+D, Inspiration Talk, Sep 18, 2015

Reimagina el trabajo, Entrevista para CYC, 15 Octubre 2015imagen-sin-titulo

The T is for Telcos, Isn’t it? #iotwe15, IoT World Europe 2015, October 6, 2015:

Smart’R Us , TEF talks Green, World Environment Day, June 2015

What’s in #IoT for me?, #IoTSummit15, San Jose April 2015

Delivering the M2M experience, leading the IoT pathway, Telefonica MWC, March 5, 2015:

How To Explain The Internet Of Things To A Five-Year-Old, TechWeek Europe, February 10, 2015

Will the Electric Car Save Our Cities from Cars,  UIMP, Electric Vehicle, August 2014

Nuevas tecnologías de la informacion, Smart Cities, Nuevo Lunes, 2 de junio de 2014ciudades-nuevo-lunes

You say simple, I say tomato, Telefonica I+D, Inspiration Talk, April 2013

Vivir en un mar de datos, Fundación Telefonica, Noviembre 2012

Customer in Control, Privacy Workshop, February 2012

El triángulo del conocimiento y el mundo financiero, UIMP Julio 2010

Complejidad e Innovación en las telecomunicaciones, UIMP Complejidad social y nuevos paradigmas cientificos uimp Agosto 2007