Delicious food for thought

From time to time, you find a delicatessen. This one comes from The Public Domain Review, in 2015:

Chocolate has not always been the common confectionary we experience today. When it first arrived from the Americas into Europe in the 17th century it was a rare and mysterious substance, thought more of as a drug than as a food.

It clearly shows that our species mindset is conservative (distrust novelties, just in case), but also means that there is hope. Many things many people see today as the chocolate in the 17th century Europe, in particular drugs, will be seen in a foreseeable future like chocolate today.

Chocolate over three+ centuries. 1631, A Curious Treatise of The Nature and Quality of Chocolate. Written in Spanish by Antonio Colmenero. 1964, Elorriaga Chocolate Advertisement

Or better, quite a few years ago, when I was child and chocolate was just the perfect snack for a little boy. Because, of course. this delicious post also serves as a remainder that you cannot take anything for granted. Tomorrow, chocolate might also be seen again as a dangerous drug to be prescribed by pharmacists and physicians, and dangerous when self-administered. Just like coffee, bananas, or private cars!

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