There is a monster out there. Time to fight!

The problem with monsters is that sooner or later they throw away their disguises and show themselves in full splendour, as I described in Carolina 114.

When I started this blog I did it with concern but also with hope. The root of my concern is summarized in the very first post Todo al carajo. If we do not understand the world we are creating, we are facing unscrutable risks and therefore in serious danger. The root of my hope was also clear. Technology is magic and all what we need is a better way to add up: collective intelligence. For centuries humans have managed to go over incredible difficulties and we’ve convinced ourselves that we can do it. Yes, like Obama 😉

Over the last 10+ years, I would say that, although my view has been increasingly leaning toward pessimism, I have managed to keep a proper balance between concern and hope. It’s been very difficult over the last two years since we entered into pandemic times.

Two weeks ago we have crossed a red line. One of the monsters that we’ve been nurturing for more than 20 years have broken his chains and is threatening the world order (let me call it this way). Can we get rid of it? How much will it cost? What will the implications be?

It is impossible to summarize. Over the last two weeks the best minds in the world are reacting, recapitulating and trying to come up with a spark of light. This post is only but a sample of what’s going on, for the sake of a future remembrance of this dark moment.

Many of us are wondering what’s going on inside the monster’s mind. I am not the only one convinced that the ideas that our brains nurture are key, and some ideas are very dangerous. What the Russian monster has in his mind has been exposed for years, and it is a amazing, so to speak. Reading these three “addresses” is enough to have an idea of the machinery inside his skull and how the message has stabilized to support the invasion of Ukraine:

One month ago, he went to visit another would-be monster in disguise. He received a green light and the two of them made public a nauseating message to the world.

There is general agreement that the monster was convinced that he could repeat his old tricks in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria and Crimea, and get away with his murder, but he has miscalculated. Now, there is a new hero in town, and the world cannot remain silent.

 ‘I need ammunition, not a ride’

There is also a clear view that there is no exit for the monster but the final one, but Ukraine cannot defeat Russia. We are at war, and there is only a way out. Therefore is difficult to anticipate the length and the height of the escalation.

After receiving a green light from Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his war in Ukraine in an effort to reclaim the old Russian empire. But both leaders appear to have misjudged the situation, raising the prospect of a global catastrophe – unless they are removed from power.

The monster lives in a past world where nations and borders had a meaning. This is a world that no longer exists, even though many still don’t see it. However, it is quite evident we do not have the means to rule a global interconnected world in which everyone depends on everyone else everywhere.

For many years, the international rule of law has been undermined not just by rogue dictators but also by the leading global powers. Against this ominous backdrop, Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine represents a new low – one that cannot be tolerated if there is to be peace in the twenty-first century.

And for the time being, we only have history to judge the monster.

In a possible future world order it will be key to understand and carefully craft the way multinationals work. Today, they are easily manipulated and become part of the problem.

Even though the monster has also failed in his disinformation strategy, many Russians are trapped in the metaverse he’s been creating for years, living in darkness or paranoia. (We all live to a certain extent in our own metaverse created by other people’s ideas). No one should expect the Russian people to suddenly rise up against the monster right now. Chances of a coup are rising, but ‘Musketeers’ and a culture of fear will protect the monster.

Make no mistake, dear reader. I am not saying there is only one monster, one evil. We are all part of the problem for our own dangerous ideas, our past actions or inaction. But the truth is we are now at war. Even though many won’t agree and only history will tell us whether this is World War III or just a preamble, we are all part of what’s happening now. The bad guys are on the rise. They are winning.

There is a monster out there, and it is time to fight!


I’ll do my best to identify the authors of the memes shared here. Meanwhile, let’s smile!


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