Where’s Wally in the Tree of Life?

The complete tree of life on Earth is now available, but methods to visualise it are still neccesary to meet needs in research, teaching and science communication. Dynamic visualisation of million-tip trees is… wow! A huge computational, graphic, and data handling challenge.

Here is a fantastic try: The OneZoom project.

Now you can confidently asK: Where’s Wally? (For example, us. Humans).

And the journey is amazing:

Here is the paper1 by Yan Wong,James Rosindell describing 10 years of work to make it possible.


(1) Wong, Yan, and James Rosindell. ‘Dynamic Visualisation of Million-Tip Trees: The OneZoom Project’. Methods in Ecology and Evolution n/a, no. n/a. Accessed 19 December 2021. https://doi.org/10.1111/2041-210X.13766.

Featured image: OneZoom

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