Long Live Wikipedia!

Wikipedia turned 20 two days ago, on 15 January 2021. It remains as the leading and perhaps the only example of the Web we envisioned and wanted 20 years ago, the only project that lived up to its promise of free and open knowledge, that did not became evil and succumb to the dark side of the reigning advertising business model. It actually called for a celebration. Happy anniversary and two cheers for Wikipedia!

After a dark decade that will be remembered and studied as one of stagnation and decline in innovation, it stands, in Tim Berners Lee words, as a shining example of the Web we still want — an open, collaborative space providing free access to knowledge across the globe.

Let’s hope it will remain as the lighthouse which guides us back on the road Diderot and D’Alambert saw toward the Web We Need

Long live Wikipedia!


Featured Image: Wikimedia Foundation

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