Anarcoutopia, A Model Kit

We have created a Star Wars civilization, with Stone Age emotions, medieval institutions, and godlike technology, —Edward O. Wilson.

Is it sustainable? I don’t think so. If we actually think of going forward avoiding collapse, we need new institutions and new ways of organization able to deal with the complexity of our present society and the challenges we are facing. And, of course, we need get rid of old ideas, we need to fire and bury them. Of all the ideas we need to leave behind, I think nothing is more urgent that hierarchies, governments, and bureaucracy. Let’s unchain our minds.

Here is, just published(1), my promised essay on the matter (in Spanish): “Anarcoutopia, modelo para armar.” A dream, a declaration of principles, a utopia.


Featured Image: My (anarchic) take on artwork by Adela Morán and Pepe Medina.

(1) UTOPIA. Tecnofuturos 2020

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