Dear Mind the Post reader,

More than one year ago, I started to post (again) in my dear native language here, a sister blog to Mind the Post I am codenaming Alienímagina(*). Blogging in Spanish had been a long cherished always deferred project. Some of you have encouraged me to do it for years. It is now time to move forward.

I am dealing with themes similar to Mind the post’s. At the end of the day, it is not easy and I have no intention to get rid of my obsessions! However, my plan is to focus more on fiction and fiction related (hopefully interesting) ideas that gravitate around them (fiction and my obsessions): reading, writing, literature, fiction, science fiction and the future!

Does it mean I am announcing the end of Mind the Post? By no means. Mind the post will continue to be the single most effective way I have to flag an interesting idea I have come across and/or land an idea which is flying over my head in a not yet presentable form. For some reason, many ideas prefer to land on English territory.

I am still struggling to find a proper voice and tone for Alienimagina… Starting a new project is always difficult, but it is less so with a little help from your friends. Therefore, I would like to ask you to help me do the heavy lifting of building a qualified audience. If you read Spanish, please go, have a look, and if you like it, just follow it or link back to your favourite post or page.

Hopefully, one of these days, we will find a way to collaborate in a project like the one we are announcing today. I have too many ideas for the future and only two hands. And, who knows, maybe you will discover you are an Alienimagina yourself.

Thank you very much for your valuable time and kind attention!


(*) Alienímagina is a portmanteau (from Alien and Imagina) resembling the Spanish word for Alien (Alienígena)

Featured Image: NASA Jovian Close Encounter

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