The shape of breakthroughs to come in our lifetime

Looking forward to the 2019 Hay Festival, Wired has put together a delicious article by asking 15 writers and thinkers to answer a simple question: What will be the biggest technological or scientific breakthrough in our lifetime? Very much in the vein of the old good Edge Annual Question.

It is refreshing to read a balanced mix of provocative ideas, half anticipated reality, half desire, which are not just the usual bunch of repeated ad-nauseam tech forecasts, and all of them succinctly and clearly exposed. In some cases, I appreciate a bit of over optimism, but overall, a good reading. As Italians say, se non è vero, è ben trovato.

Here is my summary. Choose your favourite one.

I wonder what the shape of future predictions will be when, instead of asking 15 human thinkers, we ask a deep neural fortune teller.


Image: Google, Going Deeper into Neural Networks

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