Black Swan Thinkers

Branko Milanovic explains here why he thinks Nassim Taleb is one of the most important thinkers today:

Taleb went from (a) technical observations about non-Gaussian distributions of some phenomena to (b) generalization of what this means for our perception of reality and the way we comprehend things (epistemology) to (c) methodology of knowledge and the role of inductive thinking to finally (d) a statement on ethics.

I agree with Branko, and I do not think I am being opportunistic. I said the same here a few years ago. But the reason, I want to highlight Branko’s post is this one (my emphasis):

(…) he created a new type of writing. I will leave this last part undiscussed, but whoever has read Taleb knows that his writing style is absolutely original and like Borges’ can be imitated but never fully mastered.

Somehow, Borges, Taleb are black swans themselves.


Featured Image: Drawn ballerine black swan

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