Fake Tech

magic-leap-still-1We had virtual reality, and augmented reality, and now we also have fake reality. I think it is not too bold to predict that the rise of fake news, together with the rise of greedy venture capital, in the face of potentially break-through technologies, will only create the conditions for fake tech.

Keep calm. Here’s a check guide to help you interpret “what you are seeing”, by courtesy of The Register: If Company X is doing any of these, it’s time to become suspicious:

  • Refusing to give a launch date.
  • Refusing to talk about the tech, claiming confidentiality or trade secrets.
  • Using news of investments or hires as evidence of technological progress.
  • Promoting itself on a big stage rather than in a small room.
  • Offering a well-crafted message and vision but becoming immediately vague when pushed on actual details.
  • Offering “exclusive access” – with restrictions.
  • Confusing working hard with making progress.

And remember, we already knew itAny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic (Leap)


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