What is democracy trying to say?

thiel-bewareThe coming week will be one to relax and enjoy whatever may come. Whatever will be, will be, and if we have learnt something this year, it is that we will not know who wins the American presidential election next Tuesday until the election is over. And yes, like other people—I guess—I am holding my breath… Here, Caleb Crain summarizes very well, in a single sentence, why. (The whole review essay is, of course, worth reading.)

Like many people I know, I’ve spent recent months staying up late, reading polls in terror. The flawed and faulty nature of democracy has become a vivid companion. But is democracy really failing, or is it just trying to say something?

Let’s hope democracy is just trying to say something after all, and we have ears to hear.


Featured Image: Peter Thiel, whom I would call the dark side of Silicon Valley. He is backing Trump, and I recommend you read this article he published in 2009, because I think it clearly shows why he is doing it: “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.”

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