Complexity, a new mantra

Bones - healthyThis idea may be deceptively simple, but professor Lewis A. Lipsitz thinks that the real secret of youth is complexity. He invites us to embrace a new mantra: Complexity, complexity, complexity!

Writing for Nautilus, Dr. Lewis explains how a growing body of research suggests that biological complexity diminishes with aging. As our bodies age, the fractal-like networks of tissue in our brains, bones, kidneys, and skin all lose structural complexity. And so do physiologic processes, making our body less resilient and ultimately leading to frailty and disease.

young-old complexityThis idea is the same one underlying for example the relationship between complexity and wealth. So, it’s curious, the idea of complexity seems a black hole for understanding! We need a Hawking to light up the complexity hole!


Image: Normal bone tissue, Professor Alan Boyde

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