The World Wide Walt-Disneyization

Disney Shangai MapIf this is not cultural homogenization, you just tell me, please!

Walt Disney Co. announced on Tuesday that Shanghai Disney Resort will open on June 16. It is a new $5.5 billion facility which Chinese academics say it could contribute $3.3 billion to Shanghai’s economy every year, 1% of the city’s annual gross domestic product.

Of course, Disney says the park will reflect China’s own culture—something Chinese officials sought to ensure before permitting the icon of US entertainment to enter the country. The chairman and CEO, Bob Iger, stressed:

When it opens in June, Shanghai Disney resort will be a one-of-a-kind, world-class destination that is authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese,

If  you look how Disney has performed since the starting of the Great Recession—compared with SSE, HSI and DJI—maybe, a distinctly Disneyish China is what Chinese economy (and the World) needs!

Disney Performance

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