Next Stop Atlantic


Between 2001 and 2011, New York City had to dispose of 2,500 old subway cars. And what better place to put them than the Atlantic Ocean? But make no mistake: this is no environmental hazard, it’s a fish haven:

Beneath the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Delaware, lie 1,329 New York City subway cars, 75,000 tonnes of concrete, 8,100 tonnes of old tyres and 86 decommissioned military vehicles — including the 172-metre-long Naval destroyer USS Arthur W Radford. But this is no environmental hazard — it’s a fish haven. “These structures encourage the kind of marine life you just wouldn’t find along the bare sand of the Atlantic coast,” explains reef programme manager Jeff Tinsman. “Invertebrates like the blue mussel need a solid structure to fix to.” (“Train-wreck reefs: how old subway cars are now home to marine life”, Wired)


Featured Image: Stephen Mallon, Next Stop Atlantic

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