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sutherland640This is my drama:

To understand why conventional economic approaches are wrong—and to understand what is needed to replace them—you possibly don’t have to understand one thing, you have to understand about five or six different things. You probably need a bit of game theory, a bit of evolutionary psychology, a bit of behavioral economics, a bit of complexity theory. Now, the problem then is if you have a case where in order to reject the consensus you need people who know a bit about six different things, then simply by statistical averages, the number of people who appreciate all of those five or six different things is going to be a hell of a lot smaller. And that’s genuinely the case. (“This Thing For Which We Have No Name”, A Conversation with Rory Sutherland)

By the way, I think it is also the drama of nowadays society… too many requests to deal with.


Featured Image: Rory Sutherland

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