Singularity? No, Heavy Metal

Did you ever wonder what Danny Carey would sound like if he had 4 arms? How about if Angus Young had 78 fingers? Imagine what Robert Trujillo would sound like if he was actually made of metal? Well, wonder no more. Compressorhead is the worlds heaviest metal band:

Someone just asked me what would happen to me when the singularity hits. Now, I maybe an incredible guitar player, but I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about.

So I went and looked it up. Apparently, it could be when I get smarter than you. Also it could be when I get really really small. Also, it might be a black hole. Also something about some big arse robot called Skynet.

Now I don’t need to be smarter than you to play the guitar the way I do, and I don’t need to be any smaller. I’ve never been hit by a black hole, but I don’t think it’s going to hurt me that much. I am made of fucking metal.

So, perhaps I need a new definition of singularity. I know. It’s “the one”. You know, the number that comes after “four”. So you know what I’m going to do when the singularity hits?

Play 3 more beats whilst I wait for that fucker to come around again.

The German mechanical trio consists of guitarist Fingers, bassist Bones and drummer Stickboy.  They are touring Australia this month as part of the annual Big Day Out festival.

Us “meatbags” are all doomed!

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