The Beauty of Solitude

Beauty is so simple… and music is probably the simplest expression of beauty. It comes to you as a unique, irreducible flood of sound and feelings. The apparently effortless simplicity of a music performance is however the result of intense training and that subtle complicity that makes people playing together feel, imagine and sound like a single mind.

Andrea Motis is a Spanish jazz singer. She was born in Barcelona in 1995 and stands out as one of the main trumpet players and saxophonists in the city. With Joan Chamorro, her mentor and director of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, she has also revealed herself as an excellent singer.

El meu primer instrument va ser la trompeta. Al 2007 vaig entrar a formar part dels inicis d’una banda de jazz que més tard es va transformar en la ja coneguda Sant Andreu Jazz Band. Amb aquesta big band hem fet més de 50 concerts i ja teim 2 discos (Andrea Motis)

In My Solitude” is a 1934 jazz standard, composed by Duke Ellington, with lyrics by Eddie DeLange and Irving Mills:

In my solitude you haunt me
With reveries of days gone by
In my solitude you taunt me
With memories that never die

I sit in my chair, I’m filled with despair
There’s no one that could be so sad
With gloom ev’rywhere, I sit and I stare
I know that I’ll soon go mad

In my solitude I’m praying
Dear Lord above;
Send back my love


Featured Image: John Chamorro and Andrea Motis, Cover of Album “Feeling Good

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