The Two Trillions

As of today, April 5th, 2012, the aggregated market value of the top 10 telecommunication service providers is $1 Trillion, just a little less than the aggregated value of the top 3 internet companies (calculation based on data published by Yahoo! Finance)

In the last year, Apple has increased its market value more than $250 Billion, an amount larger than the value of the World’s largest telecommunication company, China Mobile; and roughly equivalent to the value of the second largest internet company, Microsoft. The market value created by the top 3 internet companies was more than $300 Billion, while the top 10 telecommunication companies destroyed $75 Billion of market value, with only two of them, China Mobile and AT&T increasing theirs.

The current growth rates of internet companies, specially Apple’s, seem unsustainable; although you may read in the news that Apple is poised to become the first 1 Trillion company. However, if current trends were to continue, then in 3 years more, the Internet Top 3 would create an additional market value equivalent to today’s Telco Top 10, and the Top 10 + the Top 3 would end up adding to $3 Trillion, with a ratio of 2:1 where today it is 1:1.

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